Stellenbosch-based singer/songwriter Higgo has joined forces with hit-maker Daniel Baron on a banging new single titled ‘La La Lovely’.

On the new single, the duo wanted to share a message that in a day and age of money, glitz and glam, the true meaning of happiness often gets forgotten. So, they created a cheeky, easy and breezy electro-pop jam which sets out to remind us that true joy can only be found in the simple things in life. Yet, in the same breath ‘La La Lovely’ also carries the quirky message that when you’re in love, you feel like a billionaire anyway.

“We don’t need materialistic treasures to be happy, loved and free. We just need true love,” Higgo tells us of the song. Daniel Baron, who co-wrote the song with Higgo and producer Jaco Botha, adds that “It’s impossible not to sing along to this song. If music can spread optimistic vibes through a contagious melody, then our job as musicians is done.”

The single is now available on your favourite digital music platform.

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