On this season of Survivor South Africa, there has been one alliance that seemed to be unbreakable – the amigos, made up of Nicole Capper, Nathan Castle, Steffi Brink and Rob Bentele. However, the game of Survivor proves that there’s a twist and turn in every season when Nicole turned on her alliance member Nathan in this week’s shocking elimination.

The blindside was orchestrated by puppet-master Geoff as well as tough-as-nails beauty queen Nicole’s shocking decision to betray the man who protected her, by giving her his part of a Hidden Immunity Idol when she was at her most vulnerable.

Nathan’s betrayal started when Durāo believed everyone wanted him as the swing vote. At the same time Nathan also enjoyed playing the man in the middle. As he told Nicole, both the pairs needed their vote, and it suited him perfectly well as no-one was putting his name forward or seeing him as the one pulling strings. But then, Durāo was sent to the Island of Secrets where he was blessed with a Hidden Immunity Idol to take him into Merge, and Geoff had an epiphany. If he played his cards well, his and Mmaba’s very first Tribal Council could be a blindside of epic proportions. They could make Meryl believe that they’re all gunning for her, getting her to play her Idol. At the same time they could get rid of Nathan, which meant breaking up the Amigos and having a stronger position after Merge.

Nathan was a fan-favourite on the show and was part of many of the season’s most tender and emotional moments. Remember how he shed tears trying to get Rob to vote him out because of the injury to his leg; how he bawled at the Island of Secrets, but still offered Nicole his part of the Immunity Idol to keep her safe; how he protected Seipei from getting voted off; how he secretly created game plans with Rob while they were sitting out at a game; and how he howled when he cut his hand while chopping a coconut?

Now, Nathan opens up about his shocking blindside:

What was the highlight of your journey on Survivor SA?

My highlight is definitely winning the mud challenge. Winning as a tribe off the back of three demoralising defeats was elating.

You developed quite a close bond with Rob and Nicole. What made this alliance so strong?

With Rob, it was purely because I saw myself in him and based on what he told me it was like finding a long-lost brother. Regarding Nicole – Rob trusted her which essentially gave me the confidence to also put my trust in her. In addition, spending the time together on the Island of Secrets solidified that bond – or so I thought.

One of the reasons you went home was Nicole’s betrayal. Why do you think she turned on you?

To this day I am still not aware of the reasons for Nicole’s change of heart. However, I have to believe that it was either to get rid of me as a threat or going forward she found more value in the alliance with Geoffrey, or a mixture of both.

How do you feel about your blindside exit today?

Weirdly enough, I feel proud of it. I feel that if you don’t win Survivor, the next best thing is to exit through a blindside. My blindside was of such epic proportions that it was memorable enough to be proud of.

Who do you think deserves to take home the R1 Million prize money and title of sole survivor?

My obvious answer is Rob. I think he possesses all the skills necessary to win this game. Who wouldn’t want their brother to win the title of sole Survivor!

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