Unfortunately, Lady Zamar has consistently been the target of a group of vile cyberbullies who have been spewing hate at the star for her performances, her acne, her sense of style and so much more in between. Now, after appearing as a guest judge on Idols South Africa yesterday, Lady Zamar was, again, trending on Twitter when hundreds of fans had something negative to say about her comments, attitude and advice – and colleague Busiswa has had enough!

“I just need the trolls to leave Lady Zamar alone. I might blow a gasket over all this but right now I’m asking nicely. Please leave that queen alone. Haters, you’re doing entirely too much. Yes, you with the fashion opinion but wearing eye liner on your lip. Just stop,” Busiswa tweeted as she came to Lady Zamar’s defense.

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Busiswa added that it’s this toxic attitude where people think that they can say whatever they want to celebrities and it doesn’t have an effect on them that drives so many celebrities into depression – with many contemplating suicide. “Zamar is a chart-topping queen that bothers no one. But here we are wondering what went wrong when artists commit suicide and are depression-prone. It’s our Twitter-traditional verbal abuse. Just stop,” Busiswa continued.

We’re glad to see artists like Busiswa stand up for their colleagues and we hope that this springboards change on social media. We need to be understand that our actions online have consequences and we need to take accountability.

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