Local rock legends Wonderboom are back! Hot on the tail of lead singer Cito’s announcement that he would be performing the role of Stacee Jaxx in the upcoming stage production of ‘Rock Of Ages’ scheduled to take place at Montecasino’s Teatro later this year, the band has picked ‘Hell’ as the next single off their latest record ‘Rising Sun’.

The song was one of the most organic moments in the album’s creation process. “I wrote the music and lyrics for ‘Hell’ one evening while my wife was having a bath. It just came to me – all in ten minutes,” Cito tells us. “A late friend of mine, Dave Clarke, used to have this classic comeback line when someone would tell him to go to hell. He used to say ‘Joke’s on you, bud. I’m already there’ and that inspired the song.”

Cito adds that “The song lived through a rollercoaster journey of demos, treatments and recordings. I was originally going to save it for my solo project, but after an initial recording of it didn’t work, I ended up recording it with Wonderboom. The single was mixed by Adam Howard of Howard Audio, who also added his talent to the recording with the apocalyptic, heavenly piccolo trumpet towards the end of the track.”

Now, the track serves as the next single from the group and the band has just dropped a cinematic, 1930s-inspired video to accompany the track. “Music video-wise, we also went through some ride to get to this result. But the final vision in my head of a one-shot, portrait-styled, theatrical performance became clearer and clearer,” Cito tells us. “Steve and Mark approached me to shoot a video and they accepted my daring concept. A one-shot, no-edit take, with a 1930’s treatment on a theatre stage; as if the actress were performing a scene in a tragic play as ‘The Tragic Widow’. A daring concept that cannot be pulled off by anyone I know, other than the beautiful and seriously skilled actress, Angela Kilian.”

The film crew had quite a challenge with the timing, lighting and capturing of one shot to cover the technical demands of the video, but it’s clear to see that the true pressure to make the video a success was in Angela’s performance. The risk paid off and her stellar performance has delivered a brilliant music video for “Hell”.

“She had to dig deep and portray the lyrics, as if they were her thoughts, through a dynamic journey – from subtle expression to full-out rage with raw vulnerability. The twist at the end with Angela performing to an empty theatre and taking her life, perfectly captured the message of the song. There are some lonely people out there who lose everything when that one person they love is no longer there. It was really special for me to tie in the theatre and I am really grateful for all the assistance and the usage of Pieter Toerien’s theatre at Montecasino. It turned out better than I’d imagined,” comments an elated Cito.

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