Say it isn’t so! The third season of Mzansi Magic’s popular reality show ‘Being Bonang’ has seen some of the series’ best ratings to date. However, Mzansi’s Queen B* has revealed that this season would be the show’s last.

Throughout the new season, Bonang has given her fans a glimpse into her fabulous life as she attends and hosts various events around the country, launched her MCC Brut-brand ‘House Of BNG’, moving into an apartment in New York City, travelling the world and, of course, an inside look at her friendship with her cousin Pinky Girl.

However, while the show has finally found its feet and is now a slick, sleek and elegant glance at the star’s high-profile, Bonang took to social media to confirm that this series will be the show’s last. “Definitely the final season of Being Bonang,” the star tweeted before hordes of devastated fans expressed their disappointment with Bonang’s decision.

‘Being Bonang’ was initially meant to be a one-series special event but after a string of requests from fans, Bonang decided to renew the series for a second and third season. So, we’re hoping that, while there are no plans for a fourth season just yet, Bonang reconsiders and brings the show back in the not too distant future.

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