PHFat has taken the country by storm with his incredible new single ‘Catherine’ over the past few months and now, the star has released their highly-anticipated new EP ‘sex | love | heartbreak’.

PHFAT’s latest release ‘sex | love | heartbreak’ sees him mixing his signature dark electronic rap sound shamelessly with pop and R’n’B elements to create an EP that is both as dark as anything that he’s ever done, and at the same time is as polished and as catchy as anything you might hear when you spin the FM dial. This is a complete re-invention for the Cape Town-based rapper.

“I’ve been obsessed with love songs for the longest time, it was only after I started really working on my voice and my singing that I could actually explore the format properly. I threw myself in headfirst. I basically had to learn how to sing… It’s weird, when I’d been making dark party music for so long, it almost felt scary to write such a variety of music into one EP. At the same time it was kinda like ‘Yo, this is where I’m at right now. I could push out some dark party songs but it would be contrived’. If I’m being honest, part of it was also being able to admit to myself that I really loved mid naughties pop music. The response so far has been huge. ‘Catherine’ was the biggest opening month I’ve ever had on a track. I can’t wait to finally release a collection of songs like this,” Smooth Mike explains.

This EP contains exactly what it says on the can: Songs about sex, love and heartbreak. From raunchy one-night stands to boyish infatuation, from heart-wrenching goodbyes to isolated self-reflection, this work is all encompassing.

Each track is a testament to its corresponding romantic form, as if sex, love and heartbreak were each taken to their nth degree and composed into songs.

‘sex | love | heartbreak’ is now available on all major digital music platforms.

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