We know David Scott for his hilarious memes and parody videos as well as being the frontman of The Kiffness but now, after spending time creating music that doesn’t necessarily fit into The Kiffness’ sonic box, David Scott has premiered a brand-new single under his own name as he premieres this new music to the world.

‘Follow The Wind’, the lead single off the star’s upcoming EP ‘Departures’, sees him join forces with the incredible Diamond Thug for a song that’s unlike anything we’ve heard from the star before. The song has an airy, tranquil sound which is elevated beautifully with Diamond Thug’s smooth vocal.

“What a sweet collab of fluid ideas one afternoon in Dave’s home studio as if we had worked together before. There were definitely some lols (how can there not be working with Dave) as well as a few piano ballads,” Diamond Thug says of the new collaboration. “The lyrics sort of came out on the spot and worked their into the song. Perhaps I was a lil windswept coming from a walk in the mountains. Adi and I took turns going in to record and Dave made the magic happen by putting it all together and patiently guiding us.”

David adds that is was “a pleasure to work with artists with such skill & sensitivity to their craft.” He adds that “The words that Chantal came up with “follow the wind, she whispers” have become a sort of mantra, a reminder to always trust my intuition & to listen to that still, small voice inside & to trust the direction the voice is taking you. Perhaps they mean something completely different to her, but that’s the beauty of interpretation. Adi also did a fantastic job on the mandolin, and I’m happy to finally add “recorded a mandolin at my studio” to my CV.”

‘Follow The Wind’ is now available to download or stream everywhere.

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