It’s been five years since K.O. and Nandi Madida released their smash hit ‘Skhanda Love’. Since then, a lot has changed and both acts went on to achieve great things in their career. However, the two recently got back into the studio and dropped their highly-anticipated follow-up ‘Say U Will’, proving that their chemistry is still alive and well.

While ‘Skhanda Love’ did so well, Nandi admits that she was hesitant to jump on another track with the rapper. “With music it’s like taking a deep dive,” Nandi said in a recent interview. “The first collaboration happened because my now husband was working at Sony and KO spoke to him that he wanted me on the track. I was sceptical because at the time KO had just dropped ‘Cara Cara’ and changed the hip-hop game. I didn’t want it to seem like I’m just trying to ride his wave.”

However, with many requests for a follow-up single, both Nandi and KO believed that now was the perfect time to release the sequel. “Everywhere I went people kept asking for part two. So I called KO on some ‘dawg, people want a follow-up’,” Nandi tells us. “So we listened because it’s always about the people. We are so proud of it.”

Sonically, Nandi says that “We didn’t just want something that was relevant now, but we wanted to create something that’s beyond us even when we are no longer on this earth. I see it as just bringing it back to the music. We took a chance because we are a dance culture.”

Besides the new single, Nandi is keeping herself very busy. She is currently a judge on SABC 3’s exciting new reality show ‘The Next Brand Ambassador’, she’s just announced an exciting collaboration with Aldo and she plans on launching a lifestyle app for mothers soon.

We guess it’s true what they say, you can’t keep a good woman down.

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