Disney Cookabout is a local, comedic adventure game-show that uses food preparation, cooking and outdoor exploration to showcase local ingredients and a fun-filled approach to healthy eating. Chef Kirsten (Kirsten Mohamed) and her side-kick Sous Chef Mthunzi (Mthunzi Ntoyi) host the show and together, this comedic duo demonstrate to two dynamic groups of contestants how to create simple and appetizing meals. As the third season of the popular show hits our screens, we get up close and personal with Chef Mthunzi who opens up on all things Disney Cookabout.

Tell us about working with the Disney Cookabout team?

We had a great team with a bit of a family vibe. I knew some guys from the previous seasons and liked meeting the new additions to our crew family.

What memories of the season stand out the most?

Definitely Zinhle, one of the cooktestants’ Mediterranean baked fish. It was pretty tasty! Ditiro was also a highlight – he has such a bright future ahead of him, he is so funny!

Without giving away too much about the season, what about the Cookabout kids impressed you the most?

How smart they are. The types of questions they asked and getting the answers to the difficult questions.

Why do you love working in TV?

I couldn’t work anywhere else. It doesn’t feel like a job – I’m playing for a living. I like that it has a fluid structure. It is such a colourful life!

What is your favourite South African dish?

Umngqusho – samp and beans.

What are some of your favourite ingredients to cook with?

Garlic, it has such a nice flavour. I like the smell of coriander and I’m a big fan of pepper.

How was filming this season of Cookabout?

Shooting on the Highveld is totally different – that dry heat was intense! It was hot, man! This season’s farms where so interesting. I enjoyed the inner city farms. It shows you that you don’t need to be on the outskirts to achieve farming success.

What was your favourite challenge?

It was tiring, but the finale with the second group was amazing! And so much fun. I ran so much and it was crazy hot, but I enjoyed it!

What was your favourite meal?

Zinhle’s Mediterranean baked fish. Definitely!

What meal will you be cooking at home for your friends and family?

Probably every dish we had in the series – all of Christine’s (the on-set consultant chef) recipes are amazing. My family loves to eat, so I’ll try out the recipes one by one after we wrap.

What was your favourite location?

I loved the pomegranate farm – it was pretty interesting and a blueprint for my dream farm one day.

If you could share one of the best tips you have learned in these two seasons, what would it be?

Taste your food while cooking. It is so important, and often forgotten.

Catch Season 3 of Disney Cookabout every Saturday at 10:15AM from 27 July, only on Disney Channel (DStv, Channel 303).