After 39 incredibly entertaining days in Samoa, Survivor South Africa: Island Of Secrets came to an end last night where, after the jury grilled this season’s top three, Durāo Mariano, Nicole Capper and Rob Bentele, Rob received the most number of votes, making him South Africa’s newest millionaire and winner of the seventh season of Survivor South Africa.

Not only did Rob win the R1 million prize money and the prestigious title, season seven’s beloved kingpin also received the most votes in the Mahindra Fan Favourite competition, making him the new owner of a sporty Mahindra KUV100 NXT K8 petrol model to the value of R205 000. Rob also walks away with a voucher to the value of R10 000 from Cape Union Mart.

The robust and strategic Survivor player, attributes his win to his ability to control the game, by using the power of information and the Island of Secrets to his advantage. He trusted the right people within the game and stayed true to his alliance which enabled him to predict every vote and control it with precision. Rob played a powerful social game but also dominated the challenges, having nabbed multiple Individual Immunity wins, wearing the necklace at five Tribal Councils, protecting him from a vote.

Nicole believed that she fought harder than anybody and received four votes, two from her former Amigos – Seipei and Steffi and the other two from Jacques and Cobus. Rob garnered the majority of votes, with Danté, Meryl, Mmaba, Mike, Laetitia and Geoffrey all respecting the game that he played.

“It’s honestly surreal to be living through something like this and it’s fantastic. I would like to thank the fans of the show and fellow contestants and my message out there is just to follow your dreams,” Rob said shortly after his win.

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