Earlier this week, in preparation for Heritage Day next Tuesday, aha Hotels and Resorts invited me on a day out at Lesedi Cultural Village. Being the explorer that I am, it was a no-brainer visiting one of the must-visit sites tourists often frequent.

I had been to Lesedi Cultural Village before but it was during a school trip over a decade ago. It never really occurred to me to go visit again. Surely I had seen all the place had to offer, right? I could not have been more wrong. What an experience. Now that I am older and have a deeper appreciation for our land and the people in it, the experience felt intensified.

During the trip, I got to experience traditional life at five authentic tribal homesteads in Lesedi Cultural Village. A visit to the homesteads opens up a genuine window into the lifestyles, customs and traditions of the Zulu, Xhosa, Bapedi, Basotho and Ndebele people.

Each group is paired with a knowledgeable guide who takes his guests on the ultimate tribal journey. Our guide spoke nine of the eleven official languages fluently and since there is an influx of Asian tourists visiting the site daily, his Mandarin was also conversational – which was really impressive.

On the tour, the guides share a wealth of wisdom as they take you through the lives of the five different tribes highlighted at the Lesedi Cultural Village and explains the difference between them in terms of language, food, culture, housing and more.

Should you want a greater experience, I highly suggest taking the package with the tour, dance show (which gives audiences an insight into the various tribal dances and their meanings) and the buffet lunch or dinner option. The food is exceptional and visitors can feast on a variety of proudly South African meals like pap, boerewors, malva pudding, koeksisters and many more delicacies. For the more adventurous, you have the option of tasting ostrich, crocodile and more.

With Lesedi being just a short drive from Johannesburg, in the picturesque Cradle’s bushveld landscape, it’s the perfect place to visit on a weekend for some quality time with your loved ones as you reacquaint yourself with South African heritage. It’s look and feel is an outward celebration of African cultures and the spirit of Ubuntu.

What is also exciting is that the property also offers a hotel and conference faciliu. The warm hospitality guests experience is second-to-none and Lesedi’s accommodation options include eight Deluxe Rooms and 30 standard rooms. It is also an ideal venue for families, groups, conferencing and team-building activities, with world-class conferencing facilities for up to 300 delegates on-site.

The essence of Ubuntu lives at aha Lesedi – an unforgettable African experience. An exclusive cultural journey and a window into long-cherished African lifestyles and tradition awaits. Come and tailor-make your own unforgettable Heritage Day experience at aha Lesedi.

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