It’s been over a year since local pop duo Evida teamed up with Carla Franco for their smash hit ‘1,2,3’. Now, the SAMA-nominated duo have teamed up with Nigerian afro-pop talent Timmy Knight for their comeback single ‘Back To You’.

Evida continue to prove that they’re a breath of fresh air in the pop music space as their infectious production meshed together with Timmy’s brilliant songwriting and unique vocal gives the song an invigorating kick.

The song is also different because, for the first time, the duo’s Liam Jones also lends his vocal talent to the track. “This is the first time that I have felt confident enough to sing on our own music and after putting in so much work with this song and this sound, I’m glad that this is how we get to show people a different side of us, as well as more of the real me,” Liam says.

Meanwhile, Timmy says he’s really excited about his new collaboration with Evida. “Working with Evida was fun and easy, in the sense that it felt as good as working from home with family,” Timmy tells us. “The musical connection was like a miracle and not an everyday encounter… So putting everything together happened suddenly. It was attainable to work together from a distance by discussing a variety of concepts alternatingly throughout the process.”

‘Back To You’ is now available to download or stream everywhere.

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