Believe it or not, but it’s been over a year since Josh Wantie has released new music. During that time, he’s moved to London and has started work on his highly-anticipated new EP ‘Lifeline’. However, before the EP drops next year, the star has finally given fans a glimpse on what he has been working on as he premieres his brand-new single ‘Young’ – a collaboration with Louis Loon.

“‘Young’ is all about fighting the inevitable about growing old and forgetting all the things that made you feel alive when you were young. It’s a love story of the past really,” Josh tells us. “Sometimes in the industry and being an artist, we can get so caught up in the future that we forget to look back at the past. ‘Young’ is about looking back and loving what you see.”

The star teamed up with up-and-coming rapper Louis Loon who he met through the football scene. “He mentioned to me that he raps and I thought ‘yeah sure’ – haha – then he started rapping in his car over a track and I was like, ‘SH*T I have to get the guy on a track of mine and I’ve got the perfect track’,” Josh says.

Josh has been hard at work readying his upcoming four-track EP and he is celebrating a year since he moved to the UK. “It’s been a difficult move but exactly what I needed,” Josh says. “I miss SA a lot – the people, the culture and the vibe – but I was in need of something to force me out of my comfort zone. Being too comfortable and complacent made it difficult to create music, so shaking the tree, so to speak, has led me to produce what I consider to be my best work on this EP. I don’t know what the future will hold and if we will settle here long term, but it’s a good adventure for now! I’ve been meeting and working with loads of creative people and other artists.”

‘Young’ is now available to download or stream on your favourite digital music platform.

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