Janie Bay has had one of her most successful years to date this year. She dropped the hit single ‘Amper Daar’ in May this year and it went on to cement her as one of the freshest acts in Afrikaans music today. Now, she’s taking her career to the next level as she taps local phenomenon Early B for her new single ‘Die Heelal’.

Janie Bay co-wrote ‘Die Heelal’ with Hunter Kennedy, her long-time collaborator and ‘Wag Vir Jou’ featured artist and knew that the track needed something punchy. Being a fan of Early B’s work, Janie thought that he would be the perfect person to jump on the track. “In my opinion, Early B is currently one of the most refreshing and important voices in alternative music,” Janie says. “His songs are incredibly witty and smart and I am stoked that he agreed to work with me on this track.”

Janie adds “We just clicked. I shared my lyrics and the melody with Early and he then wrote and recorded his addition to the song. The feedback has been incredible so far. I am very proud of what we have created here.”

Naturally, Early B is also excited about working with Janie. “I feel honoured that Janie asked me to work with her” he says. “I am a fan of her music. Our songs will one day outlive us and I am super proud to be part of this particular track. I am vrek excited about it!”

‘Die Heelal’ is now available to download or stream on your favourite digital music platform.

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