Local pop sensation Connell Cruise hasn’t released any new music since 2017 but he wasn’t going to let 2019 come to an end without dropping a banger! That’s exactly what he did with his new Charlie Finch-assisted single ‘All Summer Long’.

Sonically, the single is something unlike anything either artist has done before and the duo has created magic with their groovy approach so their new summer sound. The track, which was co-written by Cruise and Finch and produced by Sloani at the David Gresham recording studios in Johannesburg.

When writing the track, Connell and Charlie knew that they had something special on their hands. “Right away, Charlie and I realized this song was different to anything we had written before,” Connell tells us. “We want people to vibe to this track – blast it in their cars, dance like maniacs, and just have fun with it. The lyrics, the guitar riffs, the combination of genres, we wrote the song we wanted to hear this summer.”

Connell adds that the lyrical content was inspired by love and stepping into the summer season. “Summer makes you so present. You never really think about what’s next, you’re just in it. You’re really living. Charlie and I, we wanted to bring in stories and memories of our summers growing up in South Africa.”

The singer explains that ‘Grease’ was major inspiration for the single. “That’s the John Travolta vibe we wanted to tap into,” Connell continues. “Who doesn’t know what summer love is? It’s a universal truth, one we spend the whole year waiting for. It was a fun song to write, very nostalgic.”

‘All Summer Long’ is now available on all major digital music platforms now. Support local music and download or stream it today.

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