The ONOMO hotel group is one of the continent’s most promising and fastest-growing hotel chains. At just 10 years old, the group has a presence in many African countries including Senegal, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Mali, Togo, South Africa, Guinea, Rwanda, Morocco and Cameroon with Tanzania opening its first hotel in the coming months The chain has been in South Africa for five years where it has opened a hotel in the heart of Sandton, another in Durban and three in Cape Town including the just-opened ONOMO Signature Lux Hotel Foreshore. I was invited to visit the new property for a night and from my short stay, its clear to see why the hotel is doing so well internationally. So, I’ve jotted down five reasons you should stay at an ONOMO Hotel next time you’re travelling.

The Hotels Are Always Centrally Located

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing worse than picking a hotel which is located far from the city centre when travelling. Luckily, all of the ONOMO hotels are in a perfect location and its something the brand has been very clever about. In Cape Town, ONOMO has a hotel close to the V&A Waterfront, one in the business district of Foreshore (right across from the Media24 building) as well as another in the city right at the Greenmarket Square. Finally, the Durban hotel is situated in the city’s golden mile. So, you know that when staying at an ONOMO hotel, the you’ll be in the buzz of everything!

They’re Really Affordable

The ONOMO hotels are certainly not here to compete with your One & Only’s, Palazzo’s, Beverly Hills’ or any other five-star establishment. They’re a three-star hotel which aim to be the affordable yet comfortable stay for travellers in and around Africa. So, don’t expect lavish pools and massive gardens. With prices ranging from just under R1000 to around R1400 a night, the ONOMO group is perfect for travellers who want to experience a city rather than enjoy a resort. However, while affordable, the hotels have everything you need. The rooms are cleverly designed to give guests the ultimate hotel experience. The beds are super comfortable, the taps pour out purified water which is safe for drinking and the rooms are sleek, new and beautifully decorated.

The Food And Beverage Offerings Are Superb

Admit it, there’s nothing better than starting a vacation day than with a hotel breakfast. The ONOMO hotel groups have a really solid breakfast offering considering they’re a three-star hotel chain. The buffet breakfast includes a variety of eggs, cheese, pastries, fruit and vegetables, cold meat and so much more. The hotels also have restaurants to ensure that you have a variety of food and beverage offerings in case you find yourself at the hotel for lunch or dinner. While visiting the ONOMO Waterfront hotel in Cape Town, I tried out their beef carpaccio, biltong-crusted steak and I ended the evening off on a sweet note with their crème brulee. The food was fantastic and I was impressed with the detail that went into their culinary offerings. Finally, what really made me happy during my stay, was the coffee machines which were conveniently located on each floor. Since there are no tea or coffee facilities in the rooms, each floor housed a bean-to-cup coffee machine and tea station. The coffee was exceptionally good and I found myself on one major caffeine buzz.

Connectivity Is Key

Living in 2019, travelling is no fun unless you know you’re going to be connected. Whether you’re travelling for business or looking to upload your selfies from the day onto Instagram, ONOMO has high-speed, unlimited internet access in every inch of their hotels – making it a pleasure for guests to know they’re always connected. The brand has also ensured that technology is utilised properly throughout their offerings with some hotels now offering self-check-in and check-out stations. This is great if you’re travelling on your own and want to get into your room as quick as possible or if you’re in a hurry to get to the airport. ONOMO knows that time is money and wants to save you as much time as possible during these often-tedious processes.

They’re A Breath Of Fresh Air

ONOMO Hotels have a different vibe to them. They’re not the traditional hotel chain which is often boring and predicatble with its layout and services. The ONOMO Foreshore hotel is housed in an old beauty school and has a stunning plant wall, a beautiful and colourful bird backdrop on the various floors, zebra and leopard printed seats and a whole lot more. The character of the hotel shines in almost every place you look which makes it a really fun experience.

Book your next stay at ONOMO Hotels – there’s a reason their growth has been so rapid over the past decade and I am really excited to see what they have up their sleeve in the decade to come.

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