Over the past few years, twin duo Locnville have dominated the local music space with their eclectic approach to pop and hip-hop. Now, three years after the duo dropped their latest album ‘Taste The Weekend’, Locnville are embarking on a new era as they prepare to release their upcoming EP ‘Tribes & Angels’ in January 2020. Ahead of the project’s release, the duo has teamed up with Anica Kiana for their new single ‘Little Less Liquor’.

The single sees the stars bring their A-game for a catchy track which is an ode to the good old days. “‘Little Less Liquor’, for me, is basically an ode to the times when I used to get a bit rowdy and say and do some things that I probably shouldn’t have. I would always wake up saying I should do less liquor next time, and then it would happen again. I had a lot of fun doing this track with Ameen Harron on the mix and Anica on the vocals. They really added a flare that makes the track special for me,” the group’s Brian Chaplin tells us.

Meanwhile, Andrew adds that the EP “is our first release in a while and a lead up to our next full-length LP to mark our first decade in the industry which is a huge milestone. It’s got a beautiful mix of flavours and a great story behind the title track ‘Tribes & Angels’. Pop this on for your next road trip and I guarantee you’ll be spinning it more than once”.

Download or stream ‘Little Less Liquor’ here: https://warnermusicsa.lnk.to/LessLiqour.

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