After releasing his comeback single ‘Youth’ earlier this year, local singing sensation Josh Wantie is back with another new track – and it’s an ode to his wife Savanna. The couple tied the knot just a few short weeks ago and, being a musician, Josh put all his thoughts and feelings from the past few weeks into a song. The track serves as the second single off the star’s upcoming EP which is set to premiere on 31 January 2020.

“’Savanna’ is a catchy pop ballad written for my wife. She inspired me to write an upbeat love song instead of the traditional slow ballad. It describes the influence she has had on my life. Energetic basslines with solid drum production, makes this catchy chorus stick in the head,” Josh tells us. “We have been together for the better part of six years and friends for even longer so it was an amazing crescendo to our relationship,” Josh adds of his recent nuptials. “The wedding was full of laughs, as we saw friends and family from far and wide, and a surprising amount of tears as we reflected on the journey we have had in the build-up to that special day. The bulk of these tears coming when we danced our first dance to a song I had written for her.”

Josh and Savanna made the move to London a year ago and although Josh misses home, the creative juices have soaked up the new scenery. “It’s been a difficult move but exactly what I needed. I miss SA a lot – the people, the culture and the vibe – but I was in need of something to force me out of my comfort zone. Being too comfortable and complacent made it difficult to create music, so shaking the tree, so to speak, has lead me to produce what I consider to be my best work on this EP. I don’t know what the future will hold and if we will settle here long term, but it’s a good adventure for now! I’ve been meeting and working with loads of creative people and other artists.”

Listen to ‘Savanna’ here:

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