South Africa is no stranger to international film crews. Over the past few weeks, Coldplay has shot their music video to their new single and title track of their just-released album ‘Everyday Life’ in South Africa and Megan Fox has been shooting her new film ‘Rogue’ in the country. Now, English pop star HRVY has jetted into the country to shoot two music videos to tracks he will be releasing in 2020.

HRVY has had an incredible year. His new single ‘Million Ways’ is fast-becoming one of his biggest solo singles to date and 2019 saw him collaborate with major international DJs NOTD and Jonas Blue. With his debut album set for release in 2020, HRVY is pulling all of the stops to make sure that his new era is his best one yet.

“I am shooting two music videos for next year all in three days here in South Africa,” HRVY tells us in an exclusive interview. “These two songs are songs I have been the most excited about and the music video concepts are really really cool. We’ve been experimenting with different sorts of make-up. It’s been wild testing out different things on my face and hair so it’s been a mental couple of days and I am super pumped for everyone to see the final product and what I’ve been getting up to here in South Africa.”

HRVY admits that previously, he shot all his music videos in Los Angeles but knew that the two tracks coming up needed to be different and South Africa is the perfect place to capture that. “These is such a diverse landscape here,” he tells us. “We wanted to go somewhere that was hot during this time of year because its December and its cold in most places around Europe and America. We needed the sun and the dryness of this landscape. The location we’re shooting on is incredible and I am really excited to get shooting.”

While still promoting his new single ‘Million Ways’, HRVY is excited for the world to hear what he’s been working on and to see these music videos come to life. Get ready, 2020 is going to be another massive year for HRVY!

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