For years, we’ve known Ramey Short as the handsome Dr Quinten Meyer on the popular soapie Binnelanders. However, 2019 saw him expand his resume as he adds singer into his already impressive list of talents. With two hit singles under his belt, we get up close and personal with the actor as he opens up about his new career path.

How different is approaching a career in music than one in acting?

Personally, I don’t see any difference. Each one has its own obstacles but at the end of the day, you have to face it head on to make it a success. I believe I am street smart and a go-getter so I don’t accept no for an answer and that is what drives me to break barriers to get to the top.

Where did your passion for music stem from?

I have always loved music and singing – I guess I just didn’t have any opportunities when I was younger to pursue it. When I was younger, I had no finances to do it on my own so when the opportunity came for acting overseas, I took the chance. I started dabbling in music in 2016 and from then, I started figuring things out on my own. There have been trials and errors along the way but I am so proud of the work I have put into my musical career.

What inspired the lyrical content in your hit single ‘More Kom Die Son Weer Op’?

Everywhere in life, you see hardship and despair so this song is about hope. It is a reminder that despite what is going on in one’s life or in society, the future is always brighter. Things will get better. It’s about being positive and having hope.

Give us a glimpse into what fans can expect on the music on your debut album.

The album is going to be uplifting – and positivity is a theme I am really passionate about. Lyrically, every song means something. The album is upbeat, is well produced and is definitely going to identify with an array of listeners both young and old.

You’re a big Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams fan. How have they inspired you to be the best artist you can be?

I grew up being impacted by the music in the 80s and 90s and both acts were massive stars at the time. I always wanted to sing like Bryan Adams when I was younger. I thought I had a similar tone to my voice as him so I learned his songs by heart. The girls also loved him so it was a no brainer! But the two really inspired me as a child.

Binnelanders continues to reach milestone after milestone. Why do you think the series is so successful?

It has the whole package! There’s a team of amazing script writers, the storylines are strong and the actors and crew are insanely talented. It also deals with real world situations that keeps the audience in suspense. That’s the recipe for success.

Why do you think audiences seem to connect with Dr Quinton Meyer?

Quinton is a straight shooter. Even if you don’t like the character, you can still respect him for being honest, protecting his loved ones, being extremely loyal while bring the rebel doctor that likes to have a good party. He’s a bit of a bad boy and no one can put him in a box. He’s got some great one liners and I think the male audience like him a lot because he says it like it is while wearing his heart on his sleeve.

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