Local songstress Lady Zamar has been a constant victim of cyberbullying. Haters online continue to criticize her look, her vocals, her love life and now, the type of music she makes. After an online troll admitted that she can’t seem to get into Lady Zamar’s music, the songstress has hit back saying that she knows she is not everyone’s cup of tea.

“I honestly can’t stand Lady Zamar’s music. I have tried to give her an ear, kodwa aeee! There is JUST something spastic about her,” the twitter user shared on the social media platform. “I tried.. On seperate occasions even.. Tried her out live too. And I’ve reached the conclusion, rounded by my bleeding ears that I am not Lady Zamar’s audience.. I classify her music as Barbie girl theme songs. Just not for me. My ears cringe.”

The tweet was met with a lot of criticism and even got the attention of the songstress herself who kindly reminded the user that musicians aren’t going to identify with everyone their music comes across with. “Not every artist is for everyone.. no problem there.. you shouldn’t feel bad about disliking someone’s music.. Art is subjective and the aesthetic is complex .. I’m not for you but make no mistake I do not make Barbie Doll theme songs.. I sing about love always..music for humans,” Lady Zamar said.

While the star continues to be a target for cyber bullying, Lady Zamar keeps on winning. She performed at an array of festivals this festive season and is set to have an even bigger 2020. Keep going, girl! We’re behind you 100%!

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