Basel Grey is looking forward to making a massive impact on the local music space this decade – and he’s off to a good start. The newcomer has just released his debut single ‘Do You’ which will also serve as the official theme song for the 2020 Sun Met which is set to be held on 1 February 2020.

While this is Basel’s first solo release, he has previously worked with producer and DJ Mark Stent on the tracks ‘Come Back’, ‘Deep In’ and ‘On My Knees’.

Grey explains how the single was picked up as the theme song for The Sun Met 2020 before its release to the public – “The Sun Met deal came about last August when I launched the song at Rockets Bryanston. It happened that the events and entertainment manager of Sun International was among the crowd. As I came off stage, I was asked to please send the track and a bio of myself through to them and two weeks later I got a call asking if I’d be interested in using the song as this year’s Sun Met theme song. It was an incredible moment! It’s a call I’ll never forget and an opportunity of a life time.”

The theme is a powerful one and Grey has taken a very personal angle to give this song so much heart and passion – “‘Do You’ for me really is about being yourself, no matter how many people tell you not to be. Just ‘Do You’ is meant quite literally. The song, when writing it, really came from a place of constantly being bullied for being overweight and never feeling good enough or quite fitting in. It’s an anthem for people to remind themselves that as long as they know who they are and they are happy with themselves, then they should raise their hands, let go of any insecurities and that is when they will fly.”

Basel will be performing the track at the popular racing event in February. ‘Do You’ is available to download or stream now.

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