Late last year, local crooner Josh Wantie released a romantic upbeat love song dedicated to his wife Savanna. The couple tied the knot just a few months ago and, being a musician, Josh put all his thoughts and feelings from the past few weeks into a song. The track serves as the second single off the star’s upcoming EP which is set to premiere this Friday.

“’Savanna’ is a catchy pop ballad written for my wife. She inspired me to write an upbeat love song instead of the traditional slow ballad. It describes the influence she has had on my life. Energetic basslines with solid drum production, makes this catchy chorus stick in the head,” Josh tells us. “We have been together for the better part of six years and friends for even longer so it was an amazing crescendo to our relationship,” Josh adds of his recent nuptials. “The wedding was full of laughs, as we saw friends and family from far and wide, and a surprising amount of tears as we reflected on the journey we have had in the build-up to that special day. The bulk of these tears coming when we danced our first dance to a song I had written for her.”

The concept for the video itself strays from romance theme and takes on a different angle. “I came up with the video concept after seeing the many homeless people in London as well as the vibrant busking scene. One day in central London, whilst watching a busker leaving his pitch, I noticed him throw some money into a homeless person’s tin, and was immediately struck by this act and the idea came to me for a video. This act of generosity stuck with me and was the premise for the video,” comments Wantie, who also stepped in as director for the first time.

Seeing this act of immense selflessness take place, Wantie enjoyed sitting in the director’s chair and turning what he had experienced into a music video. “This is the first of my videos that I myself have directed and thought it was overall a great experience. Having creative control of not only the music was an awesome experience. Trying to translate an idea in my head to a videographer was a challenge, but overall I’m really happy with the result.”

Actors Kadeem Akinyimi (dancer/busker in the video) and Brian Stewart (the homeless man) are both working actors in London and have been in a number of feature films and notable projects, such as Halcyon Heights and Gangsters Gamblers Geezers. Wantie had additional input from Kadeem who is also a videographer, making for an interesting setup during the filming of the video. Wantie recalls the shoot, saying “Kadeem dialled in the settings and shot many of his dance scenes himself. The rest was done on locked off shots with gambles and tripods, and with the supervision of Christo Patricios and myself.”

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