After wowing the local music space with her debut album, songstress Lady Zamar is back with her second studio album. The star has just dropped ‘Monarch’ – an album filled with 20 incredible brand-new tracks featuring the singles ‘This Is Love’ and ‘Sharp Shooter’. The tracks show off a raw, emotional side to the star who opens up like never before on her new album. This week, we get up close and personal with Lady Zamar as she dishes the dirt on her new music.

Congrats on your brand-new album! Tell us a little bit about the writing and creation process behind this record.

Thank you! The creation and recording process was terrible. It was turbulent. I didn’t have enough studio time, I didn’t get enough vocal rest so there was a lot of fatigue involved and it was very challenging experience for me. The recording process took about two years and I scrapped a lot of songs during this process. I loved the fact that I was able to communicate the ideas that I had properly. I needed to express myself even better than I did with the first album.

Did you find that there was pressure to create an album equally as good as your debut record?

No. I am in a different place to where I was when making ‘King Zamar’. Although it is a continuation, the stories have evolved and I have experienced new things and I have changed perspectives on certain matters. The only focus I had was to articulate these in a manner that will best express how I feel. I had lived an almost sheltered life in terms of how I viewed love and having experienced such turbulence in my relationships, I decided to put it out in music so that people could see there are two sides to the story – not just one.

What made ‘This Is Love’ the perfect introduction to your new era?

This was one of the most difficult songs to create on the entire album. I chose it as the lead single because it is almost like my baby. It is like a new chapter for me. The song speaks on the double-sided nature of people, more specifically, when you have something good and it starts going breaking down and that thought that the grass is greener on the other side. Instead, what happens in the song, is that the character, who is in between these relationships, finally realizes that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

‘Sharp Shooter’ is a banger. What inspired that song?

‘Sharp Shooter’ is one of my favourite songs! This is a reference to Greek mythology. Imagine Cupid was not as cute and innocent as we thought. What if he was an actual sniper going around demolishing people with their arrows of love?

You’re an incredibly talented lyricist. How important is it for you to tell a story in your music?

Writing is one of my strengths and I enjoy the process of creating and writing. Storytelling in music is important to me because I want to relay a certain message, whether it is something I have experienced or something experienced by those around me. I put it in the music. It is therapeutic in a sense as well.

Why do you think so many people around the country have identified with you as a musician and entertainer?

In everything that I do, I remain true to myself. I tell stories that are relatable to many people and play as the soundtrack to many moments. It could be a slow song or a club song but there is always a message that touches your heart in my music.

Now that the album is out, what can fans expect from you in the coming months?

I will definitely write more songs for a lot of other artists while getting into the space of understanding myself as a producer more. I will also be putting out more music videos and singles. I am also going to be travelling the world a bit. My plan is to go further than I did with my first album. I am really looking forward to what the future holds.

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