On surface level, Jethro Tait seems like a confident pop star. He has been behind hit singles like ‘The Words’ with DJ Kent, ‘Running Wild’ with Pascal & Pearce as well as solo singles ‘One For The Books’ and ‘Who Are You’ and he shines when he’s on stage. But, the reality is that sometimes, anxiety gets the better of Jethro as he tends to shy away from social situations and overthinks everything – something so many people around the world battle with. So, he’s opened up about he’s experience on his honest new single ‘Sad’.

Jethro explains that the song was shaped and inspired by three main ideas. “Firstly, I’ve always struggled with over thinking and depression. The latter makes me feel sad a lot of the time and my outlook on life isn’t always as positive as I would like it to be. This is the most surface level of the song,” Jethro explains. “Then I’m very introverted, so social situations are very difficult and stressful for me. In my experience people struggle to understand that I’m just a quiet person and they try to get more out of me than I am able to give.

The singer adds that “Lastly, the song is about me trying to accept and own these parts of who I am. It’s me opening up about my depression and social anxiety and expressing that, although I sometimes wish I felt differently or was more social, I don’t want to apologise or feel bad about it anymore,” he says.

Jethro adds that while the song deals with a variety of hard-hitting life experiences, he didn’t wanted to juxtaposition this with an upbeat melody because people battle anxiety and depression differently. “Not everyone struggles with the same issues, but we all have things that we’re dealing with and, in a general sense, would like to move past. Although the lyrics are quite introspective, I intentionally created the upbeat instrumental contrast. Hopefully it will make people want to dance,” Jethro explains.

While the star finds comfort in writing music, ‘Sad’ was one of the most difficult songwriting experiments for him because it forced him to dig deep and get in touch with himself more than ever before. “I really put my all into ‘Sad’,” Jethro tells us. “I feel like 2019 was a tough year for many people and I personally felt like giving up so many times. Writing this song helped me through those times and working on it made me feel inspired again. It also gave me the chance to be more involved in other aspects – I not only wrote the song, but I also produced, recorded and arranged the vocals myself. I even did the artwork,” he says. “I had a lot of freedom to just experiment and do my own thing, which made the process so much more personal to me.”

It’s music like this that helps set musicians apart. ‘Sad’ is a beautiful song and Jethro delivers some of his best

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