As the world continues to take drastic measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, countries around the world have suggested that people stay at home as much as possible and practice social distancing. Furthermore, President Cyril Ramaphosa has banned gatherings of over 100 people around the country, amongst other regulations, in order to ensure South African citizens are as protected as possible.

However, this has taken a massive toll on the local entertainment industry. Sports events have been cancelled, concerts and festivals have been postponed, movie cinemas are empty as many films delay release and venues have been forced to shut down. Naturally, this has taken a massive toll on those working in these industries. While many people around the world are facing financial difficulties as the impact of the coronavirus spreads, there are some things we can do to help our local musicians during the pandemic.

Buy Albums And Merch

The easiest way to support your favourite musicians is to buy their music. Since musicians are essentially on lockdown, a chunk of the money used to buy a song or album goes straight to their pocket. Furthermore, many musicians also offer fans exclusive merchandise which also helps keep them afloat so if you’ve been eyeing that cap or T-shirt, now is the best time to buy it.

Stream The Hell Out Of Their Music

While purchasing music gives musicians a much higher return, many of us have switched over to streaming platforms to consume music. So, while you’re working from home or practicing social distancing, keep yourself entertained with your favourite act’s music. Stream more than you have ever streamed before. While one stream brings in a minimal amount of money to an artist, if we rally together, we could make a big difference to the financial situation of our favourite artists while also entertaining ourselves.

Donate Your Concert Tickets

With each cancelled concert, there are many players who lose out on a lot of money. Besides the musicians, the promoters, DJs, vendors, bar companies, security, AV, tenting, décor companies, publicists, designers and more lose out on their job. So, instead of asking for a refund, consider transferring your ticket to a future performance (as many concerts and festivals announce postponements) or donate them.

Donate To Your Favourite Artist

Already bought your favourite artist’s music but still want to support them during this chaotic time? Many acts have started up crowdfunding pages to help them stay afloat while their live shows are put on hold. The extra cash can help the artist with their transport costs for future shows, studio time and every day living.

Support Their Other Ventures

While many of us are isolating ourselves and working from home, some of your favourite local musicians will have a little more time on their hands. So, they may be offering online vocal or instrumental lessons via Skype or even paid shout-out campaigns (using platforms like MyFanPark) – all which will help bring in a little bit of extra income during this chaotic time.

Share Your Favourite Tracks Online

We all love a great music recommendation and there is no better time to introduce your favourite artist to your friends and family. Have a song you’re digging right now? Share it on social media. The more people listening to music, the more royalties the artist earns.

Most importantly, remember to stay safe. Self-isolate as much as possible, don’t hug or shake hands when greeting people, wash your hands regularly, disinfect your phone and other items around you and remember to cough or sneeze into your elbow. Together, we can beat the coronavirus COVID-19 – a pandemic that has already taken a massive toll on the global entertainment industry.

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