As the country continues to take radical steps to avoid the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, our celebs are being a beacon of inspiration as they go get tested for the virus, work from home and practice social distancing. Prince Kaybee is one of those celebs who have taken it upon himself to self-isolate as much as possible.

In a new post on social media, the producer shares the measures he’s taken to ensure that he neither gets infected or infect others should he be a carrier.

“I live in an estate that has the fingerprint feature. I have stopped using it, even if they have installed hand sanitisers right on top of the fingerprint machine,” he said on social media. The star has encouraged his fans to do the same and to force estates to find alternatives that aren’t as dangerous.

He has also uploaded videos of him dancing alone as he goes through the self-isolation process.

Prince Kaybee is one of the many musicians who have put themselves into self-isolation as a result of the coronavirus. Acts like David Guetta, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and more have vowed to make good use of their downtime and work on new music during this time.

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