We love this idea so much! Local singing sensation Sho Madjozi continues to cement herself as one of the biggest celebrities in Mzansi right now and as her public profile grows, the star understands that while most of her fans are adults, younger audiences do look up to her as well. Kids are copying her hairstyles and her dress sense and sing her music. So, she has decided to create an account where she can speak directly to her younger audiences.

The star announced the decision on her main Instagram page saying “I’ve created a page especially for my kid fans. Follow @shomadjozistars if you have a little one that loves Sho Madjozi. I’ll be creating special children’s content especially for them over there.”

The star has already started sharing content on the page which features her young fans. The singer is a firm believer that her public platform has the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of so many who look up to her and it’s great to see the singer find such an authentic and accessible way to tap into that.

Keep inspiring, Sho Madjozi!

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