Local DJ and producer Aidin Caye has been responsible for a string of hits over the past few years. Now, however, he’s preparing the release of his debut EP ‘Connections’ which he plans to drop on 24 April. With the release being two weeks away, the star has dropped a new single off the project as he teams up with Apple Gule for a personal track titled ‘I Know’.

The song sees Aidin push himself vocally as, for the first time, he showcases his own vocals on the track. Aidin delivers an emotional performance which compliments with that of Apple Gule. The single is about a regrettable cheating experience and is beautifully laced on the strong yet subtle dance production which we’ve come to expect from the producer. Both acts seem to be really connected to the story they’re telling and their emotional delivery elevates the lyrical content and the message they’re singing about which is always great to see.

As mentioned, the song serves as the lead single off Aidin’s upcoming debut EP ‘Connections’. The star says that while the world is fighting the Covid-19 coronavirus, he hopes his new music will spread some joy to those who need it. “After a lot of internal debate, I decided in spite of what was going on in the world, it was the right decision to still go ahead and put this EP out right now. I am so excited for you to hear it,” Aidin tells us. The eight-track project will also see a collaboration with Kylah Jasmine and is set to show fans a side of Aidin they may have never seen before.

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