Talented singer and songwriter Julanie J’s new single, Gegrond, has just been released. This is her third Afrikaans song recorded and released in collaboration with Warner Music South Africa. The single, along with her two previous releases, ‘Dalk is Ek’ and ‘Sandkastele’ will form part of her yet untitled album, expected for release later this year.

Conceived in 2018, this is what Julanie had to say: “Gegrond was written in a moment of total despair one late night. My heart always breaks when I hear about the happenings around us. It sometimes feels like everyone has conflicting opinions and wants to break each other down, rather than support and encourage each other. Now here in 2020, at a time when our entire country is in isolation due to the Covid19 pandemic, I feel even closer to the song. We now have time to think a little. There is great uncertainty about the times we live in and it is now more important than ever to assist one another. Our words and deeds must now make sense.”

A full-length album can be expected later this year. Julanie, also known for her exceptional songwriting skills, is worked alongside renowned music producer Gideon Botes on the song. Botes known for his work with, among others, Nianell, Watershed and the Soweto String is also credited as the executive producer of her forthcoming album.

Says Julanie: “We are almost done with the recordings. Of course, I am currently at home, during the national lockdown. I also see this as an opportunity to spend some time with family and practicing some self-love. One never usually gets the chance to just take a long bath or try the “How to make homemade pasta” recipe – why not now? Amidst everything else happening, I feel quite inspired and am writing new music for my album – there is so much inspiration. Despite these difficult times, I am deeply grateful and optimistic about the future.”

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