Local music star Richard Brokensha is back with some brand-new music. As the county continues to try and flatten the Covid-19 coronavirus curve, the local entertainment industry has been hit hard. But, while artists are unable to perform live, many have taken this time to create new music from home.

‘Holding On’ is the product that has come out of lockdown for local singer Richard Brokensha. The song was written on piano in his lounge and then he added a brass section, guitars and organ. He also recorded a marching snare to create a “war-like” feel in the song and created something unique.

“This song is a reflection of my emotions from the current situation of the lockdown, as well as a dedication to all those who have lost loved ones and to those badly affected during this pandemic across the globe. “Holding on”, as the title states, is a message of hope and that we all need to unite as one to overcome this as a human race,” says Richard.

Listen to ‘Holding On’ here:

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