Earlier this year, Sketchy Bongo and Locnville released their latest collaboration ’95 Skyline’ and the song has been charting on various radio stations ever since. Now, the song has caught the eye of the Warner Music labelmates in the label’s New York office who have commissioned Beats By Breakfast to remix the song for the Northern Hemisphere summer.

beats by breakfast is a Nashville-based writer/producer who focuses on clean, precise pop production. His work has been streamed 13MM+ times across major DSPs. He has major label releases with Atlantic (Julia Knight) & Sony/disco: wax (Sini) as well as synch placements with Apple, Sephora, Covergirl, Coca-Cola, This Is Us, The Bold Type & others.

‘As soon as I heard ’95 Skyline’ I loved it & I knew I could put my own spin on it! I wanted this remix to feel like you just hopped in the car in the middle of summer with your best friend and you’re about to drive aimlessly for hours on end.’ Says beats by breakfast.

Listen to the new version here:

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