Over the past two years, Andrew Sutton has shown off his diversity in a big way through the release of singles like ‘One More Chance’, ‘Stargazing’, ‘Hands Up’ and ‘Lost Hearts’. The pop star released his debut single at just 16 and as he grows, so does his sound. Now, the 19-year-old is showing off how his sound has refined as he drops his new acoustic banger ‘Broke’.

Andrew tells us that the song was written at the end of 2019 and was one of those songs which just naturally happened. One night, while playing around on the guitar, Andrew came up with the guitar riff and once he started working on it, he wanted to write a song that was more relatable than ever. The song is aimed at the singer’s peer group and encourages listeners to count their blessings, even through difficult times.

“‘Broke’ is about how you don’t really have to be rich to be able to have a good time. It’s about your attitude and state of mind and the people you surround yourself with, not the materialistic objects you have around you,” the singer says.

When it came to the creation process, Andrew tackled this differently to the previous material he has written. Hrecorded the vocals in the relaxed atmosphere of his home studio, without the pressure of having to do the vocals in one recording session. The vocals were then sent to producer Hendrik Joerges who helped put the puzzle pieces together..

For the first time, Andrew was more involved in the music creation process than ever before. The singer says ‘Broke’ is the most ‘Andrew Sutton’ song he has released to date because he was in complete control of the lyrical, production and creative perspective.

“My manager, Brad Klynsmith, has been in my corner throughout the preparation for the song, but has given me the space to create. I think as I have gotten older Brad and I have developed a trust in what I want out of the song we produce, whereas a few years ago I was still learning the ropes.”

Listen to ‘Broke’ here:

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