The Red Bull team is known for their out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to their marketing and the brand itself and as the country continues its Covid-19 lockdown, the brand has premiered an exciting new collection of tracks created by Mzansi’s most exciting artists right now. The catch? The artists were asked to collaborate and the songs were written, produced and completed in just 72 hours!

While collaboration in person is not possible during these times, that didn’t stop Red Bull Studios Cape Town from encouraging virtual collaboration by challenging four groups of 3 artists to remix and create a new track in 72 hours, with each artist given 24 hours to add their part from their home studio. This has culminated in the Red Bull Made In 72 Hours EP – which drops today on all major digital music platforms.

The four-track EP features two of South Africa’s leading musicians; Gina Jeanz and Moonchild Sanelly, who formed an integral part of making this virtual collaboration a reality for music fans to enjoy. Featured artists include Aymos Shili, Theology HD, Mark Akol, Not Benjamin, Nalu, Hersh Snyders, Juzzy, Pierre Johnson, Avi Subban and The Lazarusman.

The tracklist includes:
1) Mark Akol, Not Benjamin, Nalu – ‘Mind Games’
2) Gina Jeanz, Hersh Synders, Juzzy – ‘Tonight’
3) Pierre Johnson, Avi Subban, The Lazarusman – ‘Eat, Pray, Love’
4) Theology HD, Aymos Shili, Moonchild Sanelly – ‘Isegazini’

Listen to the magic that was created here:

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