If you know anything about me, you’ll know just how much I love my dogs. They’re my best friends and I have officially become that guy who celebrates their milestones – especially their birthdays. When Olive turned one three years ago, I got her a birthday cake from local doggy treat company Mimi & Munch and this week, when Riley turned one, I had to get her one as well.

Mimi & Munch has an array of assorted doggy treats (like biscuits and liver bread) as well as their famous doggy cakes. To celebrate Riley’s birthday, Mimi & Munch created a beautiful two-tiered birthday cake filled with only the freshest ingredients.

This particular cake was a Banana and Bambis Butter (made from 100% peanuts and coconut oil) cake made with oat flour, chickpea flour and cinnamon. What I love about Mimi & Munch, however, it their attention to detail. So, icing is an important aspect to any of their cakes. This cake has icing made with low fat organic yoghurt and beetroot colouring. Oh, and the sprinkles are made from desiccated coconut with beetroot for colour.

When it came to Riley’s big day, she has a whole lot of friends and family, so we had two mini birthday parties for her where she shared the cake with six other dogs. Luckily, the cake is big enough for such a big celebration.

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Happy 1st birthday, Olive! 💚

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Mimi & Munch is certainly disrupting the local pet treat space with their creative and healthy treats and seeing such an organic and wholesome brand grow is such a treat.

Looking to get your pooch some of their delicious dog treats? E-mail Jade at mimiandmunch@gmail.com. They’ve also got an online store opening soon so visit http://www.mimiandmunch.co.za and sign up to their mailing list for a 10% discount when the store opens.

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