Connell Cruise is easily one of the best pop acts in South Africa today. He is responsible for radio bangers like ‘Into The Wild’, ‘Not Just Friends’, ‘Congratulations’ and ‘All Day’ and now, he’s just released an exciting compilation album titled ‘Confluence’ which features an array of his hit singles as well as five brand-new tracks.

To celebrate the release of this project, we get up close and personal with the star and dig deep into what inspired this project.

Congrats on the new album. Talk to us a little about the decision to release a compilation of some of your biggest hits now?

Thanks El! I’m a huge fan of ‘greatest hits’ albums, but I hate the association that brings with it, that your best is behind you. That’s never been my mindset. When I think of my career, and my music specifically, it feels so interconnected. I don’t think ‘Into The Wild’ could have existed without there being a ‘Not Just Friends’ to precede it, the same goes for ‘All Day’ and ‘I Am Your Man’. When I look back on my music journey, when I think of all the great places it’s taken me, I truly feel that it’s leading somewhere even greater. So to honour the spirit of that journey we put together a compilation — putting into context everything that has led to this point, as well as the music that is leading us to what’s next.

What can fans expect from the new material on this project?

These songs are the most personal I’ve ever taken in my writing. They’re raw and tangible and I want them to take my fans places they haven’t been before. There’s a lot of taking when it comes to making music, it takes so much out of you. These songs were different, somehow. They gave me so much, allowing me to share my heart in a way I haven’t been able to before. My hope is that these songs give as much to everyone listening as they’ve given to me.

Has your approach to making music changed ever since you became a father?

I can’t say I’ve thought about it that way, I’m sure it has. Just as my perspective about life changed when Sarah and I got married, both our perspectives changed again when we became parents. Being a parent is not so much a lens that you see the world through, it’s more all-encompassing than that. It becomes everything. There isn’t a single moment when I don’t think about my son and I’m sure that has changed my approach to my music — for one thing I now schedule online writing sessions during his nap times.

Compilation albums are often a great point in an artist’s career to reflect on their journey so far. It must be a really proud moment to step back and see the impact the music you have created has had on so many people.

Really proud, absolutely, and humbling. Seeing the impact of these songs play out in so many lives, in so many different places around the world, it’s awesome. I love that something I had a hand in creating can be such a powerful force for people.

We love your recent collaboration with Charlie Finch. What was it like working with him?

Charlie and I love working together, ‘All Summer Long’ was our second session together and the music just flows. We really gel together, and not just creatively. We’ve become great friends and last summer in South Africa spent two months on the road around the country together touring. That man is one of the most passionate and powerful creative forces I’ve known, I love him like a brother.

Is there a particular song that you wish you had written?

Don McLean’s American Pie.

Now that this project is out, what does the rest of the year have in store for you?

Like all of our musician friends I’m itching to get on stage again and perform these songs live, none of us know what that is going to look like going forward but as soon as it’s safe for everyone you can be sure I’ll be there. In the meantime, I’m going to be loving every moment with Sarah and Ivor, writing new music and hanging out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok getting everyone out there listening to ‘Confluence’.

Listen to Connell Cruise’s ‘Confluence’ here:

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