Last year, The Voice South Africa winner embarked on his new era with a bang as he dropped the smash hit ‘Anti-Sociable’ and now, he’s putting his vocals on full display as he picks ‘Happy’ as the second single off his upcoming studio album.

Craig is known to pour his heart and soul into his music and on ‘Happy’, he does just that. The song, written by Craig, Omri Dahan and Greg Abrahams, is another personal track from the singer who has said he uses the songwriting process as a form of therapy. “I wrote this song as I was struggling to come to terms with the end of my very first relationship,” Craig says. “Things were bad for a while, but we still loved each other a lot. It was really difficult letting go, but we loved each other enough to know that we couldn’t go on hurting each other and that we both deserved better.”

‘Happy’ is a powerful release from the singer and should have wide appeal as it is especially relatable to anyone who has had their heart broken or who has gone through a breakup. However, the singer-songwriter admits that writing the song was daunting. “I felt very exposed, but I decided that I needed to be as honest as I could. The writing process proved to be very cathartic and helped me deal with the breakup better.”

Listen to ‘Happy’ here:

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