After the release of his beautiful singles ‘Soos In Nou’, ‘Sterrenet’ and ‘Soos Die Wind’, alternative Afrikaans singer Joshua na die Reën picks the title track of his latest record ‘Someraarde’ as the fourth single off the project.

The song is a personal one for the singer. “My life would have definitely been much poorer without the influence that my older brother, Pierre de Villiers had on my mind and the way I think about God and life. From childhood I can remember him as someone who continuously challenged the world and challenged the society that tries to force us to think and live in certain patterns,” Joshua tells us. “It’s a beautiful quality to have in life, to hope that there will always be enough for everyone. Enough love, enough food, enough shelter, enough hope. And besides this hope and assurance in yourself there will always be times when your way of thinking will desert you and life and people will turn their back on you. Even in those times, I have known my brother as someone that will hold the pain of it in one hand and the understanding that everyone is on a path of growth and development in the other hand”.

He adds “I learnt from him that it is not necessarily a place which one can move to, but rather a place that you discover in yourself by moving through the seasons in our life when you look at the road ahead of you with your eyes wide open. I think that if this ‘place’ that we all long for must have had a name, it would have been SOMERAARDE”.

Listen to ‘Someraarde’ here: